Scott Davidson
Scott Davidson
Games Artist

About Me

Currently working as a Game Artist at Seriously Digital Entertainment, the creators of Best Fiends based in Helsinki, Finland.

Where artwork done at work takes a more child-friendly direction, personal and freelance artwork take a much more grown-up path, from the dark, Gothic aesthetic of the album artwork commissioned for Gehtika, to the fantastical direction of personal projects and paintings.

Example Games

SpongeBob Questpants
Chapter 1:
Chapter 2:
Chapter 3:
Chapter 4:

Playtime with Blaze

Shimmer & Shine

What I do

Character design
UI design
Pre-Vis Concepts
In-game assets
Prop Design & asset creation
VFX & particle effects
Background & environment design
Asset management
Video Editing & After Effects
Game design
Unity Animations & VFX
3D sculpting, UV mapping, texturing
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